Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Write a Small Business Plan

The easiest way to write a business plan is to break it into small parts and work on each part so the project seems less overwhelming. The best way to accomplish this is to start with a plan template that only includes the parts that you need and not every possible bit and piece of information you could possibly use but very likely don't need.
For example, many plan templates ask you to write a mission statement, a vision statement, a list of key objectives and a list of goals. This is a waste of time and you don't need to keep repeating yourself. Concentrate n the core of what the business is about, what its edge is and who the customers are and that should cover 90% of what matters in the plan.

Once you are suing a reasonable plan template then you begin filling in the sections by researching the various components of the business. Start with what makes the business unique and describe briefly but succinctly what it is about the business that will allow it to win over customers compared to the competition.
The next section to tackle is the market research where you determine who the customers are, how many of them there are and what they are spending on your product or service category.
The final main consideration of the plan is to determine how you will reach these customers whether by having a storefront, selling online or by using a direct sales force or some combination of the above (or any of a million other ways to market).
The remainder of the plan deals with the qualifications of the people behind the business and business details such as the location, form of business, hours of operation, vendors and other info that is easy to gather and write.
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