Monday, May 25, 2015

The Ultimate Small Business Plan

How to hit a home run every time...
Whether it be a business plan or any goal that you're trying to achieve, New Year's Resolutions are a good one because what happens every New Year's Eve? You've got a big goal that you're going to achieve in the next year and what generally happens is that goal gets put out there and in twelve months' time... The goal hasn't been achieved.
Most people do that and then they don't have any steps or milestones set and then twelve months later it'll be either hit or miss the goal by a long way. It's sort of like putting a blindfold on and hoping for the best.
So rather than going through that ineffective strategy, a much smarter way to go is to set your goal and then break it down into mid-term milestones and then set short term action steps.
Here's the 3 steps to achieve your goals every time...

Mission - Milestones - Actions
So pick a goal, one big goal that's very important to you and that is now your Mission.
Now what we're going to do is chunk that goal down into steps. It's like when you're driving in your car, you don't need to stop and check the temperature every five minutes or stop and check the oil every five minutes because you've got gauges. And that's effectively what this is. So you want to slice it up so you've got basic steps to hit along the way.
Another analogy is how do you eat a whale... One bite at a time.
So once you have your mission, you need to break it down into mid-term milestones... With the example of a new years resolution, the obvious thing to do would be to have monthly targets to hit, which would be your mid-term milestones. 12 of them in this case.
What you do is work backwards, you think about what you want and then you work back. Asking yourself what needs to happen just before that? Then what needs to happen just before that? And you keep moving back like that. Until you've got a list of milestones.
Once you have all of your milestones in place, for each milestone you must break them down into short-term action steps. These are your daily tasks that need to be done to achieve your milestone. When working through this process it's important to put a deadline on each task to help keep you on track.
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