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Steps in Preparing a Business Plan For Your Home Business

This small-business-plan-outline consists of a story board style Janitorial Template. Nevertheless, you must change this template to suit your particular needs. One good idea is to review your general-ledger to assist you in a few stimulating ideas to calibrate your simple business plan outline to make an effective introduction to bankers. Money well spent, may also come after you find a CPA and ask if they could provide a review of your small-business-plan-outline.

To complete your outline of a business plan, as a final page it is best to include a appendices for a place to include any more supplementary material such as published article or documents about your business, all letters of references from current and future customers, work area maps with photos of any location, all building zoning regulations, blueprints and current and future layout plans, detailed lists of equipment owned including in for any routine maintenance plus any to be purchased in the current/past year, copies of client leases and contracts and any on going bids, list of assets available and current as collateral for any business/personal loans.
This small-business-plan-outline is laid out here in 12 main blocks as to keep it simple to use.
  1. Table of Contents -
    • I........ Table of Contents
    • II....... Mission Statements
    • III...... Business Profile
    • IV...... Growth
    • V....... Plans over Long-term
    • VI...... Resources Owned or Obtainable
    • VII..... Professional advisers
    • VIII.... Business Licenses & Permits
    • IX...... Insurance & Bonding Coverage
    • X....... Cash Flow
    • XI...... Advertising Methods
    • XII..... Appendices
  2. Mission Statements - Short targeted statement of what your product or services will be? Describe who and where will be your targeted clients, finish with a statement about what the future is for your business.
  3. Business Profile - Business Description - Family owned Janitorial Service Business Type & Size - Location of Home office - one room of personal home Storage Warehouse - home's basement/garage & in home office area Income Source Service - Day/Weekly/Monthly Janitorial & carpets/window cleaning Product line & Sources - janitorial products & carpet spot cleaning kits Market Target Area - Entire state Client Types - Customers will be both home owners & commercial
  4. Growth Economic Trends - targeted to your business Expansion - US economic growth rate is ____% Contraction - US economic slow down rate ___% Population Increasing _____% yr. Decreasing ____% Pricing Increasing _____% after _____time Decreasing ____% with each referral
  5. Plans over Long-term - business relationships developed Education - current and future Experience Contacts Personal and Business
  6. Resources Owned or Obtainable - Communications Telephones Facsimile Computers Internet Furniture and Office Supplies Vehicle Type Year Equipment Owned or On Credit inventory Owned or On Credit
  7. Professional advisers - Accountant Attorney Banker Insurance Agent E-commerce
  8. Business Licenses & Permits - State Federal City/Town Trademarks Corporation Employee Identification Number or SSN: Sellers Permits
  9. Insurance & Bonding - Coverage Policies with whom? Limits of liability Worker's Compensation
  10. Cash Flow - Method of accounting find a CPA Software programs general-ledger-accounting-software Initial deposit Tax issues Income statements Projected income on contracts 6/ Months ____$ 4/ Quarterly ____$ 1/ Year ____$
  11. Advertising Methods - Initial efforts Results ____ New Clients Campaign Actions - current & future Budget Promotions ____% Budget Frequency ____% Publications - news papers/Tel: cold-calling/fliers & walk about
  12. Appendices - Include Brochures and advertising materials etc.
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