Monday, May 25, 2015

Small Business Plans, Proformas and Service Companies

Making spread sheets for a service company in a business plan requires a little extra thought so before you go hog-wild on the MBA spread sheet; business plan proformas, I think it is wise to understand the market place differently and really understand some abstract issues concerning the number you place in little boxes to make every thing Look Right because there is more to business than; News, Weather and Sports!

I have prepared some abstract thoughts on this subject below so please read this if you will; that is to say if you are considering writing out advanced proformas for your service business for a business plan. I understand you wish to start your business, get funding or you are going to school doing a class project.
That is fine, but for you to get more out of this you really need to be moving beyond what they teach at MBA school and consider what the studiers of the reality of the flows of the market place know. So, read this book review; yes I know it is only a book review, but I took some liberties with it and it will add to your understanding of scheduling flows and really it is the same for "information" or any other flow from water to power. You need to think like this to understand my comments;
I hope this makes sense to you and when you read it, I am sure you will see it. It is essential when writing Small Business Plans or creating proformas for Service Companies that you concentrate on considering all the efficiencies that must be in place for your numbers to work. Think on this in 2006.
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