Sunday, May 31, 2015

Small Business Planning - Do You Plan Time to Be Spontaneous?

With so many business owners working harder than ever just to keep afloat, being spontaneous is possibly the last thing on your mind. And yet it could provide valuable answers to growing your business.
Are you Too busy?

There never seem to be enough hours in the day when you own a business, especially if you do everything yourself. And there are certainly a lot of different jobs to do, in addition to actually servicing clients. But have you ever noticed that, when faced with an immovable deadline like a holiday, it's possible to get through an amazing amount of work. Yet at the other end of the scale, if you have all day to, say, write a newsletter article, it will take all day. It's almost as if your brain send a message: No panic, take your time - so you do.
Have you made too many plans?
It's obviously important to have a plan (I've blogged about it often enough!) but when every hour of each working day accounted for, often weeks in advance, it can be downright depressing to look at your diary and all those to-do lists. And it only takes a few appointment changes to send the whole house of cards tumbling - launching your stress levels into orbit and taking time you can ill afford, to get everything rearranged.
Why we need some spontaneity planning
Have you noticed how your best ideas usually come to you when you're not working (like in the shower, walking the dog, or even while you're standing in the supermarket queue)? Of course you can make a note of them but, be honest, when will you have the time to explore them? When your day is chock-a-block, you probably resist the temptation to pick up the phone and ring the person whose name just popped into your head. So you don't have that conversation which might have resulted in a new joint venture and extra income stream.
And what about all the other spontaneous opportunities you don't have time to explore? I guess you'll never know what they could have led to.
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Louise Barnes-Johnston is a Business Coach and Social Media Marketing Adviser. She teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to conquer the overwhelming aspects of running a business, and how to use social media marketing so they increase business and maximize profits.
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