Sunday, May 24, 2015

Small Business Plan - Of What Good Is It?

In today's fast paced, ever changing business world, does it make any sense at all to have a business plan? The answer is yes. It is better to have a plan that to have no plan at all.
But outside of being a document that takes much work to prepare, are there any practical uses that will impact your business directly.

Again, the answer is yes. For example, you may have heard people speak about using a business plan when approaching a loan officer or a creating an alliance with another company.
Though many tout the role of a business plan in helping you appear professional as you approach others, I suggest considering the business plan as an important tool for you to use in the actual running of your business.
To maximize the time spent creating your small business plan, I would contend that rather than being just a formal, but useless, presentation, it should be an action document.
Every aspect of your plan from operations down to marketing should form the basis of the procedures you will follow when you actually launch your business (or possibly in preparation phase.)
In particular, the Marketing Plan segment of the business plan should include step by step instructions to be followed in order to ensure effective sales and marketing strategies are used to promote your business as early as possible.
In order to fill your marketing plan with powerful marketing strategies, I suggest you begin by researching which strategies have worked for others. There is a great deal of information made available to you by established entrepreneurs who have written books and created self-study programs about their experiences in running successful small businesses. I have such a resource listed in the resource box below that has been made available to you for free.
Take advantage of this information. Often, you will find it is extremely valuable in helping you to avoid mistakes the author has already made; it will give you the street-smart skills that he or she took many years and dollars to develop.
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