Sunday, May 24, 2015

Small Business Plan - The Key to Survival

One of the key issues with business success is the small business plan. No plan - no direction - no progress.
Each business needs to have an overall plan plus a detailed plan for each quarter, month, week and day. Just to turn up at the workplace and react to the situation of the day is not an option. Your competition will swallow you unless you take action every working day. Consistency is the key here.

Set up your plan carefully and then stick with it - through hell and high water. If you think through the plan carefully and establish something that's ambitious but achievable, then you can focus all efforts on achieving the short term goals, which in turn, will contribute to the long term goals. The worst scenario for small businesses in tough times is to be reactionary - just waiting for the next event - be it crisis or sale and then jumping into gear to deal with it.
The business owner needs to be the prime mover at all times and he must believe in himself and his business, sometimes when the odds look grim.
As that great wartime leader, Sir Winston Churchill said... "Where would we be without those few individuals who refuse to accept defeat and who continue to soldier onwards when common sense tells the rest of mankind that there's no use trying?"
Whilst this ultra tough market place will push many businesses over the edge, there are many that will survive and thrive. Why? In England, we call it the "Bulldog Spirit". It goes back to Sir Winston Churchill and his wartime declaration that "we shall fight them on the beaches etc".
From a business perspective and particularly in regard to working to a small business plan, it means that you're better off being "a stubborn cuss" - particularly in these current tough market conditions. It could well help you survive and thrive.
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Tom Clifton is a business strategist who specialises in turning small/medium businesses around. Catch Tom's words of wisdom on business strategy and how to survive and thrive [] in the current tough market conditions at Small Business Profit []
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