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Small Business Plan Beginner's Guide - What You Should Know Before Buying Business Plan Software

Finally, a small business plan guide for the true novice! As a budding entrepreneur, it is vitally important that you create a plan for your business. However, sifting through the maze of products and information available to help you, can be a time-consuming nightmare - until now! 
As a Start Up Business Consultant, I've done all of the grueling work for you. Just follow my simple 1-2-3 beginner's guide. Here, I'll discuss where you can get your hands on absolutely free templates -- and even free business plan software. So, let's get started on the road to success with a well written, small business plan blueprint.

1-2-3 Success Guide
Step 1: Take a Beginner's Business Start Up Course
To successfully plan your new business, you need to make sure that you thoroughly understand the fundamentals of business. If you're new to entrepreneurship, consider taking a business start up course. When it comes to the all important task of starting a new business, benefit from a helping hand. Learn how to start, manage and grow a successful small business from others who have gone before you. The cost for these courses range from $99 to $1,200.
You do not have to spend a fortune to benefit from the wisdom of others. The US Small Business Administration offers the free online course: "Small Business Primer - Your Guide to Starting a Business". Take this valuable course absolutely free by visiting
Step 2: Take a Business Plan Writing Course
If you are banking on bagging a commercial start up loan, I would strongly suggest that you take a small business plan writing course. There are many online courses being offered, which take you step-by-step from start to finish. The cost ranges anywhere from $129 - $499.
Hold on to your checkbook! You can also take an excellent writing course, without spending a dime. Check out the free course offered online at
Step 3: Write Your Plan
Don't re-invent the wheel! Once you've completed your course, take the hard work out of writing your plan by investigating business plan software. You can purchase a basic software package for as little as $99, and a professional version for $199.
Another option is to simply use one of the many professional, business plan templates that are available to help you get started. These templates are being sold from $19 to $199.
However, why pay a penny when you can get your hands on professional business plan software and templates for free?  

  • For free templates:
  • For free software:
Bonus Tip - Take Advantage of Free Sources of business Start Up Funding
There are many more sources of free business products and services available to new start ups like yours. Reconsider funding your start up with massive bank loan financing! You can greatly reduce your start up costs and ongoing operating expenses by getting some advice from a Start Up Business Consultant. Make your dreams of starting a small business without BIG bank loans a reality. I'm living proof!
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