Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monitor Your Small Business With These 4 Valuable Tips

"Never a dull moment in the small business world either," that's what I say...
As I was reviewing my own small business plan during the last few weeks, I came across one aspect I felt was important for my success and would like to share it with you. Whether it's the New Year, spring, summer, fall, etc., any time is a good time to consider this business aspect that may have fallen by the wayside. You and I are bombarded daily with higher business priorities, or so we may think some have higher priority.

But, let's think again!
As small business owners, some of us may be neglecting the aspect of monitoring our small business. If you're feeling a bit behind on your monitoring department, following are some tips that may help you get back on track.
  1. Monitor your client and/or customer relationship: Your client and/or customer relationship is an important building block of your business foundation. Neglecting this aspect could cost you the loss of some excellent client referrals.

  2. Monitor the needs of your target audience: Make an effort to stay in touch with the needs of your target audience. There are several ways of doing this, my favorite is via Survey Monkey, and yes, there are many more survey resources available to us.

  3. Monitor your business integrity: Avoid the pitfall of cutting corners. Cutting corners only creates excuses that will snowball into something you don't expect, and maybe didn't even imagine. It's not worth the time and energy in the long run. Besides, you've got better things to do than to create more stress for yourself.

  4. Monitor your business plan: Every other month or every quarter, set aside some time to see where your business stands in regard to your goals. Check your current status against your business plan. Are you tracking? Are you even close? What changes can you make? What metrics can you use?
Monitoring your small business may seem time-consuming and/or boring at times, however, you must keep in mind that without this business aspect, you may be flowing down the wrong stream without a compass. Bad idea!
Incorporate these four tips into your small business practice and reap the rewards of your future successes!
Krystalina Soash is a freelance writer, small business entrepreneur and trilingual interpreter. She has two published works, "Your Positive Potential: Action Steps for Self-Empowerment" and "Writing Tips for Student Projects and New Freelance Writers."
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