Sunday, May 24, 2015

2007 Strategic Small Business Planning Case Study; Get a Website or Develop a Business Plan?

Every New Year folks decide that this will be the year they start a small business of their own. Of course most businesses fail due to being undercapitalized. The government with all their rules and regulations and paper work does not make it any easier. Most small business cost double or triple what the would-be entrepreneurs had in mind.

In considering 2007 Strategic Small Business Planning a start-up entrepreneur may ask themselves; what do I need to get started? In a recent Case Study such a future small business-person asked basically what should I do first; Get a Website or Develop a Business Plan? They did not have any money to start the business and so they needed an investor and some capital. But they did have enough money to buy a domain name and a website.
If you are in the same shoes then the last thing on your mind should be a website right now. Once you finish your business plan you may wish to get a website and then have a secure area for investors and post your business plan, artists renderings, services to be offered and such, but first you need a concrete business plan. If your small business is to be a family owned business, then you must develop it with the family and need to make sure they assist you and are into the total idea and they must have "buy in" and believe in it too.
The actual website, well it will help as only a small part of your marketing later, the more the better yes, because electronic brochures online save money in printing and are available 24 hours with information. After you get going then perhaps with all sorts of things, but that comes after you have the investor and never more than is budgeted. And realize you have not even opened the place yet?
So, all this talk about Domain Names and websites is way pre-mature. In fact you could run your business without ever being on the Internet if you develop you community goodwill and branding correctly. I certainly appreciate you reading all my articles on this subject of Winning. Thanks again and Godspeed. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?
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